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If your Servo Voltage Stabilizer does not operate properly, please check the following points before calling for service

 No output  No input supply Call your Electrician
   Incoming voltage is out of range. Servo may be in  cut-off mode.  Use By-Pass mode
   MCB / Fuse may be shut off / blown Due to Over  Loading  Check your load
 High / Low Output Contact our  Service Voltages  Input Voltage out of range  Contact our Service  Engineer
   Problem in Control Circuit  Contact our Service  Engineer


  1. The stabilizer should be installed in a fairy cool and well ventilated place.
  2. It should be kept above the floor level as far as possible.
  3. The chassis of the stabilizer must be connected to the earthing of the supply.
  4. The unit should be installed at the place protected from rain and water